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Recent Events

Patrick is on the Coosa High School Academic Decathlon team which recently won the Floyd County competition for the 6th year in a row! Patrick brought home several gold medals for Math, Oral Relay, and Team categories. They will be going to the state finals later this month and we wish them continued success.

He also was one of four to be chosen for the team that competes on WSB TV's High Q game show hosted by the Sportscaster Chuck Dowdle. For anyone not familiar with the show, it is a Jeopardy type game show for high school teams. The very young Coosa team ( 2 freshmen, a sophomore, and a junior) beat  North Oconee High School before loosing to a much older ( 4 seniors) team from the very prestigious Pace Academy. We were able to take a tour of the TV station after the first win to meet the WSB news team of Monica Pearson, John Pruitt, and Glen Burns. They were very friendly and even posed for photos with the students and their coaches.

Recently my Dad (J. D. Nolan) had a surprise birthday party in his honor. My sisters, Barbara and Patrice, are to be credited with organizing the affair and it was a truly enjoyable evening. The location was the old historic farmhouse owned by my brother-in-law's family; the Earle's. This house was originally a log cabin built by the Cherokees in the mid 1800's. It is now a beautiful old farmhouse used for parties and events. The party was attended by approximately 35 to 40 of J.D. and Christine's family and friends.


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