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Christmas 2007


I'm sorry that it has taken so long between updates. The original site was developed using handwritten code and it was a bit of a hassle to update photos and text. I finally broke down and bought Microsoft's FrontPage software to help design and edit my web pages.   I worked on a couple of new web sites as I taught myself to use it and I have finally gotten around to redesigning this web site. Anyway, it's a lot easier to make changes and post photos and I hope to keep everything more current.

Some things have changed since the last update. Patrick is a freshman at Coosa High School now and seems to be enjoying it about as much as a kid can enjoy school. He is making great grades and is on the Academic Decathlon team. He was one of four chosen to compete on WSB TV's High Q program. Please see the Recent Events page for more details! Football has given way to Soccer and he stays pretty busy with his schedule.



A couple more photos from Christmas



Coosa Eagles Soccer!


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